Proclamation To all, who are still aware

that freedom and human rights

are genuine ideals of all Leftists


We are leftists from various political backgrounds, who allied to fight together for a democratic future in freedom and peace and to preserve fundamental and human rights for all human beings. We have allied in the group Free Left, unified by the rejection of anti-democratic measures applied presently in Germany as well as globally, which are justified as alleged virus control in context of the new corona virus.

We are convinced that capitalist structures, inordinate illiberal action of governments and a left wing restricted to symbolist and identity politics cannot answer appropriately to the global problems arising and arisen in context of corona measures

such as

  • Global increasing of hunger crises (also in Europe)
  • Massive setbacks in fighting poverty, destruction of societal progress and global prosperity, as well as mass unemployment
  • Demolishment of achievements concerning human rights or gender equality, particularly in the global south
  • Accelerated digitalization without democratic participation or consideration of its impacts on society, democracy, and human beings (e.g., two-class society)
  • Forced digitalization enhancing government control and surveillance
  • Telemedical assistance, closing of hospitals also during pandemic situation, AI-based health care neglecting individual needs
  • Increasingly illiberal style of government, menace of global transformation of democracies into illiberal post-democracies
  • Continuing decrease of fundamental and human rights
  • Destruction of social bases and of infrastructure, common property, and autarky as well as the privatization of important infrastructure in the hands of few global companies,
  • Concentration of media in the hands of media groups, influence of corporations on journalism
  • Concentration of wealth / further redistribution from bottom to top
  • Dependence on major corporations regarding sustenance
  • Massive division of society, narrowed opinion corridor
  • Impending urbanization and forced rural exodus, thus casualization of living conditions
  • Imminent war and riots
  • Demolition of ethical standards in science, e.g.: trampling on Ruth Hubbard ™s lifelong struggle for ethical principles in human genetics and sciences; imminent unethical practices as in New Eugenics
  • Increase of domestic violence, rape, abuse, psychological diseases caused by lockdown and measures: children, very old people and minorities suffer most
  • Increasing ecological menaces
  • Increasing discrimination of people with attested and necessary waiver of mandatory mask-wearing
  • Destruction of art and culture: the burden of measures shifts to the private sphere

¦ and much more.

The situation requires a strong political left wing to face the actual developments and increasing problems caused by corona measures.

What is the Free Left?

The Free Left focuses on the classical ideal of the left wing and aims at a free and just society as well as at ending exploitation of humans by suppressive systems. Since many leftist parties, organisations and groups have abandoned these ideas and thus support the exploiting system, our critics aims also against them. It is time for a change from bottom to top.

Further we reject all bias distortion and re-definitions framing any criticism against the ruling system, government, corporations, and other élites as „antisemitic , „right-winged  or „conspiracy theories . In this context, a large range of mass media has become socio-political accelerants inhibiting democratic processes by contaminating debates and moving forward the division of society. Also, notions like „antisemitism  or „right-winged  are emptied when the problem of existing and real antisemitism is distorted and belittled. This rather inhibits than helps the struggle against antisemitic ideas.

Democratic resistance against corona measures is one of the biggest and most influential movements from bottom to top in German history after World War II. It absolutely agrees with traditional values and aims of liberal leftist movements before 2020, such as grass-root democracy and autonomy (despite singular instrumentalization or copycats). We will not accept that reactionary and illiberal developments could destroy all achievements of earlier resistance and freedom movements.

Those parts of the left wing rejecting this wholesale, instead of discussing competing ideas, miss a historical chance to make essential demands for public welfare, to develop a vision for future coexistence and to set bounds to illiberal developments. To only react “ instead of acting “ means to betray all liberal and leftist ideals and will drive the new movement towards the right wing (which is, obviously, the intention of governmental propaganda). We explicitly reject that leftist ideas should be devalued for fulfilling capitalist aims instead of humanist ideals by hedging them within so-called stakeholder capitalism. Highlighting this aspect is of vital significance to us.

The Free Left wants to initiate a broad movement, organised from bottom to top and decentralised. Suffused with genuine solidarity, it shall regenerate the emancipatory movement.

The challenges of the present and future can be faced only in a humanist way and together with all human beings. Consequently, we need a Free Left with traditional leftist policy and sustainable visions.

Our vision:

  1. Immediate global restoring of all fundamental and human rights. These are to be preserved particularly in context of actual developments such as digitalization, automation and proceeding achievements in biotechnology.
  2. Complete transparency of governmental work and leading organisations, as well as putting them under democratic control, including commercial structures in media, internet corporations and social networks.
  3. Interdisciplinary scientific investigation of the corona-virus-related events, encompassing cost-benefit-analysis, detection of profiteers, influencers (lobbyism) etc.
  4. Full and fair refunding and support for all, that have been affected by corona measures. Profiteers must make up for the damage.
  5. Fostering an encompassing discussion on how anti-democratic acting can be prevented in the future.
  6. Strengthening the fundamental right to informational self-determination, the right to analogous life, intimacy of thoughts and actions, as well as rejecting control by corporations (e.g., Blockchain identities)
  7. Reinforcing a health care system for the common good: real protection of risk groups, protection, and health care for all, who need and want it. No mandatory protection, no profit-seeking in health issues.
  8. Communization of important infrastructure, to prevent profit-seeking.
  9. Voluntary vaccination: encompassing information, reliable security checks for new technologies, particularly of such based on gene therapy. Vaccination must be voluntary under all circumstances – no social pressure or disadvantages. Full liability of manufacturers for possible vaccine injuries. No patents of invention for technologies paid by taxpayers.
  10. Reinforcement of self-responsible, self-determined and mature citizens.
  11. Preserving autarchic structures for a free society (e.g., cash money)
  12. Equality and all rights for humans, who for compelling medical reasons cannot wear masks (urgent need for action!)
  13. Using new technologies to foster free and self-determined ways of life and true, vivid democracy


We invite you to join our fight for a truly just and free society.

We ™re currently building local groups. Join us!


As Leftists we regard the following values and principles as non-negotiable:

  • All human beings are equal and have the same unalienable fundamental rights!
  • No discrimination due to social origin, skin colour, religion, sex, sexual identity etc.!
  • Together we aim at a free, a just and democratic society and at ending the exploitation of human beings by other human beings!

For freedom and human rights!


The Free Left on 1 January 2021